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Friday, January 13, 2017


Its THAT time of year again!! People are making all SORTS of "resolutions" and changes! The new year brings much excitement and hope for people to make it their year....YET within a few weeks of January 1, the big ideas, hopes and dreams are often thrown by the wayside because they have no direction, guidance or plan of action in order to ACHIEVE their goals effectively!

I am here to help! :)

This month, in addition to offering a {free} fitness bootcamp to all of my challengers, I am adding in HOW to set goals, plan for achievement and strive for SUCCESS by incorporating Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Push guide! I completed this myself when I first became a Beachbody Coach and started my own business and it was AMAZING!! It opened my eyes to so much! I had zero idea how to set goals or plan ahead to achieve them....let alone how and when to TAKE ACTION in order to actually achieve them. This program was free and SO informative. It is a step-by-step process that helps you outline what is important in your life in terms of your environment, finances, health, relationships, etc.

This system is a few years old - but has proven to work and STILL, three years later has stuck with me when it comes to planning for a goal and organizing my priorities. 

We begin January 16th!! This group will be led via a private Facebook group and offer tips for goal setting as mentioned above as well as fitness and health tips and tricks! Fitness and health is a MAJOR area of our lives that deserves time and attention! Your HEALTH is your greatest wealth...and it deserves attention :)


*First, you and I would chat about your fitness and health goals for 2017!

*Next, I would help you find the perfect fitness program for you.....

*Then, you would select your flavor of Shakeology

*Then we will get you everything you will need sent your way virtually and all you would need to do is follow the plan....

*You can participate in the monthly accountability groups with a bunch of other ladies if you would like. In the group we share tricks, tips, recipes, how to handle eating out and staying on track, we motivate each other daily and help to keep each other accountable!!

There are SO many programs to choose from too! Cardio, strength training, yoga, MMA-type workouts,  a blending of cardio and strength...whatever you think you like....there is no one-size fits all to fitness! Check out my coach Becky's results from the 21 Day Fix:

....and here are mine! I was already at my "happy weight" but STILL saw and felt major changes!!

If you think you would like to join one of my monthly fitness groups, please complete the application below! I will get back to you ASAP!

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