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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things -- Christmas GIft Ideas!

I'm so EXCITED!!! This year my team and I are doing a "Secret Santa" πŸŽ…πŸ»-- MY FAVORITE THINGS edition!!! It's gonnnnna be FUN!! 

Soooo I wanted to compile a list of all of my FAVORITE things in the hopes that maybe you can get some ideas for those special ladies on your list! I love getting new ideas, so I thought I would share some of mine!


THIS is my ALL TIME FAVORITE perfume!! CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

I used to work at the CHANEL counter after grad school and was in heaven every day with all
Of the makeup, skin care creams & serums! I was so broke that I would do most of my makeup πŸ’„ once I got to work πŸ˜²πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ AND douse myself in THIS made me feel like a QUEEN πŸ‘Έ πŸ‘‘❤️❤️❤️❤️

Anyone else wear this?? I have it both the EDP & EDT - ya just never know what kinda day it'll be over here πŸ˜œ



These are so comfortable!! I have these in baby blue & I wanted them in pink but couldn't find them
In my size....still hunting! πŸ˜œ

Seriously though, these are so comfortable- I wear them outside....but they'd be great for working out inside too!

These are the 2015 Nike Air Max ....the 2016's vary slightly be because the Nike swoosh is on the toe area....but if you're looking for a reaaaaalllly comfy sneaker - these are the bomb!


Omg I couldn't live without this!! We had this for Gabby and now we use it for Milania. Its lasted now 4 years and I hope it lasts another 4!! haha 

We use the insert in order to put her car seat in it because she can't ride in the stroller until she's 8 mos old --- JUST in time for spring & summer runs and walks!!

It's seriously so seamless & not too heavy to lift in/out of the car! The tires are great if you walk/run a lot....they're like bike tires! 

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I have serious dark circles under eyes! I blame my Italian side! πŸ˜ I've just always had them and have been an under eye concealer connoisseur for YEARS! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

These are a few of my favs!! Everyone's may need more of a yellow, pink or even green concealer - Ive tried them all!

I love --

🍾Tarte Maracula CONCEALER - seriously this stuff lasts and a little goes a long way....& it's not cakey!!

🍾Benefit Erase Paste is good too.....this one is orange in color but I love the consistency and if dies brighten up my under eye

🍾NYX - you can't beat this stuff!! Sooo inexpensive and a dupe for Benefits Erase Paste and just as good!

🍾Becca under eye brightening corrector - this one isn't as dark as I personally need it but it can be mixed with some of my others to create the perfect shade - when I have the time to test it out! I do love it and it is more of a light pink/cream color!!

There you have it -- the favs of making your under eyes BRIGHTER!!



I love them and wear one pretty much everyday!! I buy them from Hippie Runner Funktional RunwearπŸ’«They have a TON of patterns or solid colors...

πŸ’«They are reasonably priced and often run BOGO specials

πŸ’«They never slip

πŸ’«I have a peanut head and they don't look weird πŸ˜œ

πŸ’«They don't hurt after wearing them for a while

πŸ’«You can wash them (at least I do πŸ˜œ)

πŸ’«They're great for keeping your hair out yo face when you're working out! 


Sally Hanson Hard as Nails strengthener!!! 

Since starting to drink my Shakeology everyday for the past 3 years, my hair, skin & nails have improved a TON!! ...& I like to keep it that way! πŸ˜œ

I put this on a few times/week after a natural mani (no ANC and no more acrylics!! <---- had then for years!!) to help keep my nails strong and it also sustains the polish!

I've tried the more pricy nail strengtheners and in my opinion -- this ones JUST as good and very reasonably priced!!

Good nutrition + water helps with healthy nails too! 


Pretty Little Liars!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I started watching this on Netflix when I was in the hospital after having Milania-- she wasn't really sleeping so I needed *something* to watch!

I don't watch tooooo much "tv"....but I'm HOOKED on this show! Anyone else?!?! I'm dying for Season 7 to come out in April and I pray they make more ha!! It can't end!!


I'm OBSESSED with this hair spray!! Who doesn't love to PRESERVE a good blow out?!

This stuff is A-MAZING! 

L'OrΓ©al Elnett -- found at most drug stores and of course at Target πŸŽ― and is ALWAYS a top fav of many beauty bloggers! πŸ˜

It's nice because it gives you a shiny hold but it's not tacky or sticky...,you can easily comb through after spraying.....the smell is okaaaaay....nothing special but I still am super loyal to this one!!


HANDS DOWN -- my FAV! Victorias Secret, Vanilla Lace

I have used this since I was 15!! I always have it in the body spray and the lotion AND body cream haha.....I don't always wear it, but its my absolute favorite scent in a lotion/body spray mix! ...AND I love Victorias Secret!!


FABLETICS!! DO you Fabletics?? haha

Their workout "gear" is SUPER comfy and cute!! Its exciting to get a new outfit every month too! ha!! 

I have these exact leggings and I LOVE Them - you can dress them up or wear them to workout in! <3

There's SO many outfits to choose from and they are really great quality too!!


I'm in LOVE with this's going to be a fixture on me this winter πŸ˜œ

It's soooo warm and cozy! I grabbed it at Piper Saratoga {an AMAZING boutique by the way ❤️} and never leave home without it!!

I need to find some more.....winters are long and they are so cold! I'm not about that life haha! I need my warmth!! ☀️☀️☀️ BLANKET scarves are where it's at sisters!


My VS Pink sweats!! I think I must have about 5,000 pairs and I love them all!! They're SO comfy!

I usually stock up at their semi-annual sale which state RIGHT after Christmas!! Mark your calendars girls....and get ya some! πŸ˜˜

That's all of my FAVS!! I'll be putting them together in a blog post soon in case you need last minute gift ideas for yer special lady!

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Well I hope you enjoyed my FAVORITE things! These are all things that I truly LOVE and use on a daily basis! Feel free to share this with a special someone to give them a HINT at what you REALLY want this Holiday Season! :)