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Monday, October 24, 2016


I can remember how I felt 6 weeks after having Milania in August. I was so THRILLED to have another baby girl ๐Ÿ’— and so happy that she was finally here!! BUUUUT I felt jiggly & fluffy ๐Ÿ˜‚ and had no idea where my muscle tone went..... but was starting a mission to get me back to ME!! I am DYING to get back into my clothes that fit and really want to feel that feeling of confidence and strength again.....and I am on the road to doing so!  ! I wa!! I w

Can I just say -- although I see & feel a difference (yaaaaay!!) the scale has only moved in a "downward trend" maaaaaybe 3-4 lbs BUT the inches gone have accumulated! I KNOW, I know -- the scale isn't the determining factor or it SHOULDN'T be, but I DO want to see that "number" haha! I'm starting to fit back into SOME jeans too. Muscle is being built, fat being shredded recalibration is going on in there -- so THAT is exciting!! I am fitting into skinny jeans that were my "fluffy" size when I was about 15 pounds weird! ha - -the scale lies and wont tell you all of the things that are MORE important! I am STRONGER, fitter, smaller and tighter ----> WINNING!! 

The scale is not our friend girls!  It will lie and then we allow it to control our day if it doesn't tell us what we want to take pics, take measurements & go by how your clothes are fitting! Those are more accurate and "friendly" measures!


Here are some pics of the JOURNEY! Its been fun seeing my body change and I have been following 22 Minute Hard Corps for the most part and just recently started with Chalene Extreme for more weight trianing! I LOVE MY WEIGHTS and have noticed a BIG difference as soon as I started to incorporate them more -- it was almost immediate! The inches have dropped and my skinny jeans have been fitting better. Im STILL not in my old ones (although I will be!).....but more importantly - Im FEELING so much better and LESS FLUFFY! haha

I have been following my nutrition, having my Superfoods shake EVERY.DAY (which has helped in weight loss and in CRUSHING the CRAVINGS) and have been just focusing on the slow, compounding results! A little progress each day adds up to major results over time! 

It hasn't been EASY! I have a little one AND a 4 year old who are ALWAYS needing attention PLUS I am running my business from home. All of these things I LOVE haha....but it makes getting your fitness in challenging at times! ;) BUT -- feeling lethargic, having the extra weight on me and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin is WAY HARDER than pressing play everyday and following a clean nutrition plan!

Luckily, I can hit pause when needed and get it done when it's convenient for us. I love that  these workouts are literally at my fingertips and I don't need to stress about getting to the gym anymore....PLUS I have everything I need to lose the weight - including support, accountability and nutrition plan and a library of workouts! Thats a MAJOR win for this mama! :) 

If you are interested in starting your own fitness journey, I would LOVE to help and coach you!

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