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Monday, June 27, 2016

You CAN Get Your BODY BACK After Baby

I can remember feeling ANXIETY after having my first daughter...I was 30 lbs heavier, and STRUGGLING to get the weight OFF! I was going to the gym 5-6 days/week, watching EVERY calorie, and I kept gaining and losing the SAME ONE POUND!! Talk about FRUSTRATING! I even joined Weight Wachers and that wasn't helping either.....

Now that I am about to have baby #2, I'll admit....those fears come creeping back. What if I can't lose the weight this time? What if it takes FOREVER, what if what I'm doing won't work??? That's what happened before!! It'll be SUMMER after I have her - I wanna wear my shorts!!! Will I fit into my bathing suits?? 😭😫😳

I was going through some pics from last year....I know exactly what program I was doing when I came across these pics.....21 Day Fix Extreme...I have to REMIND MYSELF that these programs WORK! I didn't have them after Gabby....all I had was my own "knowledge", or lack-there-of and kept losing & gaining the same one pound!!! I was NOT eating properly and was killing myself with exercise....& getting no where!

I WILL be back to ME, to where I'm comfortable, confident, HEALTHY & happy! I have an entire library of programs and my SHAKEOLOGY that will get me BACK!! I just need to plan which ones will be first & be PATIENT with my body (the hardest part).....the BOUNCE BACK will be REAL people---- you can bet your booty!! Ill be more determined than ever to prove it to myself AND to all of my friends who have struggled CAN get your body back after babies!!!! 

There IS hope!! I don't want ANYONE to feel hopeless or depressed that their clothes aren't fitting or that you feel like you will NEVER get back to where you once were. I actually was smaller, leaner and lighter AFTER baby and WILL be there again soon. PLEASE know that you CAN feel like your BEST SELF and be that HAPPY, ENERGETIC mommy that you want to be....because is mama isn't happy -- NO ONE Is happy!! haha 

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