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Sunday, June 26, 2016


As I get BIGGER and BIGGER.....I am not only EXCITED to meet this little babe in my belly BUT I know that my BOUNCE BACK is on the horizon! Im SOOOO excited to get back into it all and be able to JUMP IN FULL FORCE - because I KNOW the results that I will achieve. AND -- Ill feel like ME again!!

I plan on starting off THAT journey with the 21 Day Fix -- because I KNOW it works! Its worked for me before and it'll work for me again! Below, the pic on the right is me after ONE round of the Fix (my soul mate). I know it will be a JOURNEY - they all are - but that's OK -- Im glad that THIS time around, I actually HAVE the TOOLS to get me back into my jeans QUICKER than I did after I had my first!! That "journey" was full of tears, not wanting to catch myself in the mirror and having NOTHING fit me right! 😭😭😭 it was SO FRUSTRATING & depressing!! I couldn't wear leggings ALLLLL the time - my preggo ones! I was so DONE!! I'm so glad things finally "clicked" & I found at-home workouts and other friends doing them too!! 


You CANNOT go wrong with a box that is LITERALLY delivered to your door with ALL of the tools (both nutrition + fitness) included, the SUPPORT of a group of other women on the SAME mission and the reason that SUMMER IS HERE!!!  AHH!! 😜

My goal is different than most right now - and that is to stay conditioned, stay fit and to give myself ENERGY everyday and that endorphin high aint so bad either!! ha!! BUT -- if I weren't preggo I would want to be a happy, energetic, & as toned and fit as I could be with summer upon us!! BATHING SUITS??? POOL PARTIES?? OMG....baring it all??? haha -- are you ready? 👯👯👯👯

Who is WITH ME?? Im starting a new group because I need them as much as anyone else! We start soon and we will focus on our fitness and our nutrition and have FUN doing it!

No more moseying around the gym wondering what machine I should do next haha -- I KNOW what to do and will get it done BUT its SO much more FUN with a FUN group of girls!!
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