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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Last night, I had a dream about delicious, strawberry pancakes! HOOOLLLAAA!! MUST be the pregnancy!! YESTERDAY I ate ALLLLL the peanut butter and then felt like poo....not good!! I blame the baby! haha 

SO -- back to the pancakes......
I wanted to be sure that they were clean and healthy and NOT just empty calories that will then leave me feeling heavy, bloated and then hungry an hour later......SO here is my recipe and they were SO GOOD AND they were 21 Day Fix- approved!!! 
*One scoop/packet of Strawberry (or vanilla)  Shakeology —–> ONE RED
*2 eggs —> ONE RED
*1 very ripe banana  —-> 2 PURPLE
*1 egg white —-> Incl in the RED (its a very small amount and I would incl in a red)
Mix all ingredients in a blender until the mixture is as thick as a milk-shake.
I used no-calorie cooking coconut oil spray to coat the frying pan.
Pour the batter over a medium heat & cook 
as you normally would cook a pancake. 

I drizzled them with cinnamon & honey —–> SO yummy & filling without the calories or “heavy” feeling afterwards!!

This was under 400 calories & loaded with protein AND 21 Day Fix-APPROVED!! YUMMMY! <3