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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Working Out While 7 Months Pregnant

I cant believe that this is the last week of my 2nd trimester -- the "ENERGY" trimester!! ;)

This pregnancy is really fling by! We have about 13 weeks left and THAT time will fly too!

Its SO amazing to feel the baby move ALLLLL the time! She's growing and I can tell....thinking she is still face down because I swear her "kicks" are towards my ribs! ;)

Pregnancy is SUCH A BLESSING!! Our bodies are capable of some pretty AMAZING things as women. To think, we can give life to another....and still function normally, for the most part, with a normal, healthy pregnancy.

It is NOT a time to "rest" or to use that as an excuse to stop your fitness routine. In fact, working out and staying active while pregnant has SO many benefits for you and for growing baby!

To name a few:

Try your best to continue with your fitness routine. WALKING is great too!! You will feel so great and you will bounce back much quicker after baby!! PLUS -- if you are fit and strong, the chances of your labor going more "smoothly" will surely increase!

SO DONT GIVE UP -- stay active and you will feel amazing after the little baby is here!

Here is what I have been doing over the last 7 months to stay active:

*21 Day Fix
*21 Day Fix Extreme
*ChaLEAN Extreme
*P90x Plus
*Hammer & Chisel
*Beachbody on Demand workouts from the library

I skip moves that aren't beneficial to me (i.e. - crunches)
I stick with it & I feel great!

I also have been eating clean about 80-90% of the time. I have ulcerative colitis and I need to stick with clean eating as much as I can because I know how good it makes me feel and doesnt activate my symptoms.

I have also been drinking my Shakeology DAILY -- as its serving as my prenatal vitamin too! Its so nutrient-dense that one meal replacement shake is equal to the vitamins in a prenatal vitamin. PLUS Im also getting: pre and probiotics, adaptogens to help my body against stressors, my cravings are little to none, Shakeo also is clinically proven to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, its also loaded with antioxidants, fiber, protein, and it tastes DELICIOUS!

I offer monthly fitness and accountability groups that have helped ME stay on track with my fitness and my nutrition! They are SUPER fun, inspiring, full of tips and tricks and are free to anyone of my clients! Complete the application HERE  if you are interested in joining one and I will be happy to chat!