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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pregnancy Fitness at ALMOST 7 Months Preggo!!

Whoa the workouts are getting S L O W E R these dayzzzzz! 😜🐢🐢🐢 ....but AT LEAST they're getting DONE! 

Lately, I have been doing P90X Plus and Chalene Extreme (one of my FAV's and go-to workout FO SHO) - total classic! 
I'm not pushing out of what I shouldn't be doing....that would be a dummy-move 👎😝 
Instead, I do what I can, modify when needed and I STILL feel GREAT!! There ARE days when I question if I have the energy -- but I still push play and get the 30 minutes in and NEVER regret it! 

Just moving at a SNAILs  pace some days & others I have a ton of energy AND it GIVES me energy too -- WINNINGGGG!  A nap vs a workout - most days the workout WINS and then I don't need the nap! haha!! 

The only bad workout is the one that never're still lapping everyone on the couch - just 30 min/day is ALL YA NEED!! Snail pace or not - it feels good to get it DONE! 

So many people think that once you get pregnant - REST is the best thing for 10 months.....when in fact, remaining ACTIVE is SO beneficial to your body! One rule of thumb to follow:: NEVER try anything NEW when you are pregnant. If you have always been a runner, then running should be okay (always check with your doctor/mid-wife).....but if you have never ran before or if your body isn't used to it -- then I would WAIT until after you've had the babe to start! ;) 

Bottom line - you don't have to "rest" for 10 long as you CAN - EXERCISE, MOVE and get the blood flowing, make the muscles work and keep your strength up. There are MANY prenatal workouts available now, I have stuck with my Beachbody workouts and they have been A-MAZING! Last time I was preggo, I only did cardio, maybe 3 times/week. This time is SO much different..and so much BETTER!! 

Giving up is not an option - as long as I feel okay, I will continue with my workouts and walking! Now that its been getting warmer in NY, Ive been able to get out and WALK! I know the benefits and how I will feel after - so THAT is my motivation!

MY PLAN:: to continue with my workouts until the END -- 13 weeks to go! If I don't feel good, I won't....but until that feeling hits - Ill keep going!

I will DOCUMENT my workouts here and on my FB page here for MY feel free to follow along or send me a friend request! I love to help and INSPIRE OTHERS!! This is the BEST GIFT that I can pay forward!

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