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Thursday, February 4, 2016


As moms and wives we can often put our own needs aside! Little by little, day by day, we slip away and our REAL selves get buried and stuffed away -- who has time to focus on YOU anymore?! Every minute of the day is centered around others and you don't allow the time for yourself anymore; and sometimes carving out that time seems selfish or guilt-ridden!

After I had my daughter, I would get up at 3:45 am to pump and then get ready for the gym to be there by 5am to get in line for a class that began at 5:30. The class was an hour, and the drive was 20 minutes each way. It was getting to be a LOT of time spent each week AND I wasn't even seeing results......even after 6 months. I was doing this all throughout the winter months -- and in upstate New York -- early morning trips to the gym are not exactly "fun"....haha -- BUT I was desperate for the extra 30 lbs of baby weight to come off and the gym, at that time was my only answer -- I didnt know of anything else.

The time I was taking was leaving me tired, guilty, and stressed. I HAD to do something else, so I started my research! It wasn't until I found my coach and found Beachboy's at-home workouts that I lost ALL of my baby weight and then some. I was SO EXCITED!!! The workouts were ONLY 30 minutes!! I was handed a nutrition plan to follow that guided me and answered every question AND I had a HUGE support group that I was able to connect with at any time and each morning I was inspired and motivated by the daily post in the group!

So I KNOW how it feels to NOT be comfortable in your skin! I am now 20 weeks pregnant and feel BETTER this time around than with my first pregnancy because I KNOW BETTER! I have information, tools, tricks and recipes at my finger tips and I have a GROUP that supports me and holds ME accountable 24/7!! Without all of this -- I am SURE that I would have slipped back into old habits and would be well over the 14 lbs that I am now......I actually gained 15 lbs within my first trimester with my first pregnancy! Although Im getting bigger with this pregnancy -- I feel GREAT!! I feel COMFORTABLE in my skin and not fluffy, tired and moody! All I need is the 30 minutes/day -- AT HOME -- to feel great, stay STRONG and to know that I will be able to bounce back with a system that is proven to work! ----> THEY ALL DO!! haha

So now -- I am hosting a group that is DESIGNED for those to learn to LOVE themselves FIRST -- its so important for us moms and busy women to CARVE out the time -- just 30 minutes of YOU time!! After the first week you will feel more energized, less stressed, stronger and you will begin to see the benefits of what exercise and clean eating can do! 

This month -- I am holding a group that begins on February 15 and we will be WORKING on OURSELVES -- so not only will you be learning how to love yourself through eating better and exercise, we will focus on personal growth as well within the 30 days! Its important to learn how to love yourself from the INSIDE....OUT! :) 

You will get: 
*Daily Support & Accountability
*A full workout program and nutrition plan along with a full month of Shakeology 
*A group of EMPOWERING and INSPIRING women 
*Monthly ongoing support
*Tricks and tips 
*Personal Growth tips 

If you are interested, please complete the application form HERE.....and I will be in touch shortly! I look forward to talking with you!