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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Healthy, FIT Pregnancy

Since I got pregnant I was DETERMINED to have a FIT & HEALTHY pregnancy!! When I was pregnant with my daughter, who is now three - I didn't eat clean (I thought that protein bars and salads with ranch dressing were "healthy"), worked out about 3 times/week in my second trimester and definitely gave in to food cravings ----> hello mac and cheese, grilled cheese and french fries!!! While all of those foods are so comforting - especially while preggo, I definitely wouldn't say they were healthy OR helped me to feel my BEST!! 

Now that I have been living a different lifestyle for over 2 years now because of Beachbody, I KNOW better!! Maya Angelou said, "when you know better, you do better" -- and I couldn't agree more!
This pregnancy has been so much different for me! YES -- the scale has gone up, Im up 14 pounds in {almost} 20 weeks. With my first pregnancy, I had gained 15 pounds, halfway through my first trimester!! EEEK!!!! I wasn't working out and TOTALLY giving in to my food cravings.....and it showed! 

This time around, I am following the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan and went up a category to be sure that Im eating enough....and some days its hard to get it all in! I have continued with my Beachbody fitness programs and nutrition. I did my BEST to do them during the first trimester and stuck with the 21 Day Fix {modified when necessary} -- the workouts REALLY helped me with the nausea and headaches!! They immediately went away after the workout!! THAT was one of my main REASONS why I pushed through!! 

At 16 weeks I started with Hammer & Chisel and LOVE it!! Im still doing it now and feel TIGHTER, stronger and HEALTHY!!! 

Im now almost 20 weeks and STILL feel amazing!! Sure -- my goal right now isn't to lose weight -- obviously (haha) but I want to STICK with my routine, stay on top of my FITNESS so that I feel great throughout the day and can bounce back QUICKLY after I have baby in June!! 

I even had a  NON - SCALE a PREGGY!!! Yes - they exist!! πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

I bought these maternity jeans online just after the holidays....I figured I would need them. When I got them in the mail (just around the holidays) and tried them on -- I hated them because they were SO tight and uncomfortable!! I was bummed and felt like I would be living in yoga pants and dresses for the duration of my pregnancy!! haha 

Fast forward to beginning a new program in the beginning of January and following the nutrition plan ((not the HOLIDAY plan where I inhaled pastries, cheese and all things that are delicious but not exactly nutritious!))....I'm 4 weeks in and the jeans are actually loose and COMFY!!!!

πŸ’›*20 weeks PREGGO this Friday
πŸ’›*Eating clean & HEALTHY portion controlled meals
πŸ’›*Doing my workouts every day at home
πŸ’›*Drinking my Shakeology every day

SCORE!!!! As I said --  I'm not actively looking to lose weight right now - clearly - but I do like to feel COMFORTABLE in my skin and not feel that extra FLUFF or feel tired and groggy  --- so far so good!!!

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