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Sunday, February 14, 2016

21 Weeks Pregnant with Baby Girl #2!!

AHH!! I am more than halfway there!! Over HALFWAY!!! I can't wait to hold this little bundle!!! Next year we'll have TWO little Valentines to spoil!!!! 

My hips are expanding to make room, my booty and thighs are getting bigger! So far - up 15lbs and feelin it!! I have to admit - I really don't enjoy the SCALE!!! I KNOW this is part of pregnancy and of growing a HUMAN haha -- but its still mentally tough to see that number go up EVERY time I get on there!! I am thinking that  though the weight will drop much quicker this pregnancy than the last one because of all of the clean eating tips, tricks I've learned -- like NO diet Coke doesn't help you lose weight! haha My fitness groups will help keep me accountable and PUSH me when through until I reach my post-baby GOAL! 

Workouts are getting tougher.....& thankful for our groups because they've PUSHED ME! i have definitely had to modify more and get "winded" easily now, BUT the point is that Im STILL doing them and they STILL make me feel GREAT afterwards!! 

Current Cravings::
💛Fruit!!!! All the fruit!!
💛Ice cold lemon water
💛Gabbys snacks - yup - they call to me
💛Shakeology - thank you JESUS
💛SALT! OMG anything with SALT is heavenly!! haha 

Im trying my BEST to eat clean - at least 80% of the time - & keep up with working out at home, 5-6 days/week....both of which are getting harder but I CANNOT give up - the benefits of it all far outweigh NOT doing them!!!! 👊👊

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy are INCREDIBLE!! You should ALWAYS check with your doctor before doing any type of fitness while pregnant... & typically you should never try anything NEW, but my doctor ENCOURAGED me to continue working out and Im so glad that I have - even its not at 100% -- its still HELPING me in so many ways!! I feel better, STRONGER and it GIVES me energy! I sleep great and I know that it HAS to be helping me with my weight gain. I am really hoping to have a "speedy" labor and recovery due to being in shape and to also be able to shed those extra pounds QUICK after baby comes! 

Do your best & forget the rest right?? You can only do SO Much and try so hard! You have to listen to your body and just KEEP GOING as much as you can! The rest will fall into place!