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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The #1 Reason Why People Don't Reach Their Goals

We ALL have them --- EXCUSES!!! Excuses are the #1 reason why people don't reach their goals! 

"I don't have the time..."
"I cant do that...."
"Im too tired..."
"It'll be uncomfortable....." 

DONT let the reasons why you don't feel like it NOW- hold you back from the goals you can achieve LATER! Sometimes you need to remove how you FEEL about something and just GET IT DONE.....

YES it will take time
YES it will take sacrifice
YES it will take discipline 
YES -- over time -- you WILL get to your GOAL......

IF you stick with it!!! 

Sure the nachos and queso and the chocolate lava cake will ALWAYS be there. BUT if you learn to make smarter choices and have those delicious treats only 20% of the time and not 80%  -- you will see a HUGE difference!! 

If you JUST commit to 30 min/day to exercise ----> over time, you will see BIG results. Your jeans will fit better, your skin will glow, your confidence will be RADIATING and you will FEEL SO MUCH LIGHTER, TIGHTER and  BETTER!! Its really amazing to see your body change -- BUT, you must remain CONSISTENT!! 

I am 19weeks preggo!! My goal right now isn't to lose weight or lose inches -- I just want to STAY CONSISTENT with my workout routine & nutrition as BEST as I can! I've given in to cravings here & there and am up 14lbs at 19w! With Gabby -- I gained 15lbs with the first TWO months because my excuses got the best if me!! Those excuses left me with 30 extra pounds after I had her & until Beachbody - the weight wasn't moving! My muscles are there somewhere and my skinny jeans are staring at me BUT I know that if I remain consistent and stick to a fitness and clean eating regimen as best as I can -- I will BOUNCE BACK so much quicker than if I hadn't

I just finished the last few details of my upcoming Fitness Accountability group that starts Monday -----> THANK YOU JESUS that I have them because it forces my excuses to hit the road!!!

I've been SO consistent this time around with my fitness & clean eating ((not perfect - but pretty darn good)) and I feel so SO MUCH BETTER than I did when I was preggy with Gabby!!
I KNOW --- I would've let the preggo excuse give me the leeway to NOT workout or eat as healthy -- annnnnd I would regret it everyday! 

New group starts Monday -- join us!! No excuse too strong! We got this!!! 

Here's the deal:

*We share tips/tricks and RECIPES
*You will need to make me your coach by selecting the perfect workout program and flavor of Shakeology thats best suits you! 
*Everything is held online in a PRIVATE accountability group 
*I will be your #coachforlife and be there every step of the way -- before, during and AFTER you have the bod of you dreams! 
*I will share everything I know to help you and truly want you to have SUCCESS! 

If interested in joining a Fitness and Accountability Group, click here. I will be in touch shortly! Talk soon!