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Monday, January 25, 2016

February Fitness & Accountability Group -- Make a COMMITMENT to be EXTRAORDINARY!

The difference between EXTRAORDINARY and ORDINARY -- is just that "extra" little "umpf" that you do!  JUST a LITTLE but MORE - each and every day that will get you from just ordinary to the EXTRAORDINARY!!!

Choose a DIFFERENT way to live, to FEEL and to create CAN feel AMAZING every day - if ONLY you choose to develop that extra "umpf" that will propel you from ordinary to EXTRAordinary!!

Now that the holidays are OVER and we have settled back into our routines, I feel that it is the PERFECT time to create habits that will only set us up for SUCCESS this year! SO many people tell me that their New Year's resolution is/was to get fit, be healthier, finally lose the weight! Once January 15th rolls around - those goals and dreams have fallen to the wayside because the OLD habits creep in -- the ORDINARY ways of living and the way we USED to handle situations and routines.

LETS DEVELOP NEW ways to LIVE -- ways that will bring you from ORDINARY  to EXTRAORDINARY!! You DESERVE To feel amazing and to be able to ROCK ANY OUTFIT you CHOOSE! I want to TEACH you how to develop new habits to help you create a life that is one you have always wanted! You CAN feel amazing without feeling starved, deprived or sluggish! YOU CAN have treats and WINE and still lose weight & inches all while gaining STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE and begin to look and feel YOUNGER!! YOU are your only limit!! SO why wait??

I am hosting a 30 day fitness support and accountability group that begins February 1! MAKE YOU a PRIORITY and begin anew! The year is still young and you still have time to create that body you've always wanted BEFORE the summer hits! Summer bodies are made in winter -- so lets get started!! 

*You fill out the form detailed below and I will contact you to chat more about your goals. 
*I will help you to select a program plus a flavor of Shakeology that will BEST suit your goals.
*I will coach you though the program and BEYOND -- Im your #coachforlife haha
*You will receive daily support not only from me, but from a private online group full of other women who have the similar goals to you.
*You will receive a week of meal prepping and planning guidelines before the program begins so that you are fully set-up for SUCCESS! 
*You will be supported and empowered because of the group support -- PLUS it helps us ALL to stay accountable!! 
*You will receive daily motivation and inspiration! We share recipe ideas, tips and tricks that work for everyone and DAILY guidance throughout the entire program! 

SO make YOU a priority!! I am almost 5 months pregnant and these programs, accountability groups  and Shakeology has kept me on track, helped me to feel AMAZING (sometimes I forget that I'm preggo haha) and has kept the weight gain at bay! I need these groups as much as anyone else!! Now its YOUR TURN to develop new habits and systems while having the support to make you and NEW and EXTRAORDINARY YOU! 

Please complete the form HERE if you are interested and I will be in touch! Im so happy  that you have decided to make a change and TRY something new that will PROPEL you to a NEW and EXTRAORDINARY YOU!!! The best is yet to come!