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Monday, December 7, 2015

What is the 3 Day Refresh?

Are you, by any chance, feeling bloated, tired, low on energy or wishing you slept better? Holiday weekends, special occasions or even a vacation can leave us feeling not so healthy and revitalized. What a perfect time to restore your energy, kick start your weight loss routine and cleanse yourself from bad habits! Let’s be honest — NO ONE is perfect!! Temptation is all around and we all (over) indulge. This can leave our clothes feeling snug, lacking motivation to jump back into working out and eating healthy and can make it difficult to get back on track. The 3 Day Refresh can help you to kick-start your weight loss journey and leave you feeling lighter, leaner and HEALTHIER!! Here are the deets:
Clean Eating + Specially Formulated Shakes ==== Straight-forward 3 Day Cleanse
HEALTHY CLEANSE —-nothing to harm your insides ;)
Scientifically designed to INCREASE your METABOLISM!! {YES...INCREASE the speed of your METABOLISM by getting all of the "gunk" out that is slowing it d o w n}

The 3-Day Refresh combines real fruits and vegetables along with a fiber sweep and specifically designed protein shakes to help flush out the cocktails, cookies, cupcakes, s’mores and anything else that left us feeling not so fresh and energized. Here is an example of what you would be eating during the Refresh:

This “cleanse” is designed to HELP your metabolism — NOT — starve it. It is designed with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. You eat normal, healthy foods and you have success in THREE DAYS! YOu FLUSH excess toxins OUT of your body which leaves you lighter, leaner, energized and REFRESHED! Summer has JUST BEGUN — YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to feel fresh, lean and ready to wear all of your clothes with CONFIDENCE!! 
 My fellow coach and friend, Nichole’s results:
“Four days in Vegas left me feeling bloated and just plain blah. I overindulged with foods that I normally don’t eat and a few too many adult beverages, so when the 3-Day Refresh was announced, I knew I was going to try it as soon as I got back home. I lost 6.9lbs of bloat and toxins and a total of 3 inches!!!! Not too shabby for a 3 day cleanse….by no means is this an alternative to exercise and good nutrition, but it’s intended to either get you jump started on a better path of health, after traveling (like in my case) or to overcome a plateau. I personally think that I will do this every 3 months or so, because I feel so much more energized.”

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