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Monday, October 19, 2015


Have you ever wondered WHAT in the world is Beachbody Coaching?

Have you seen coaches on social media - working out, drinking their Shakeology and feeling AMAZING?? 

Before I signed up to be a coach -- thats what I was seeing! I was seeing all of these girls who were just like me and who were able to STAY home with their kiddos and STILL make an income? and workout? AS THEIR JOB??? Most said that after one year, you are well able to be making $50k/year & it only continues to grow -- IF you put in the work! 

I was intrigued - needless to say! At the time, I was a new(er) mommy, I was a substitute teacher because I wanted more time to be home with my new baby -- BUT that wasn't paying the bills!! I had ALWASY worked, I remember receiving my blue "working papers" at age 14 and was SO excited to begin to make my own money! I had continued with that mindset -- I always wanted to make my OWN income and to be able to contribute to our family financially! It just feels good and I love knowing that I too can be valuable as an income producer along with my hubby! 

A few years ago, as an employee in a Corporate job most days - I would've been sitting in my cubicle, checking emails, sipping on my coffee, chatting with co-workers about their kids or about why I was still single haha and then staring at the clock for the remainder of the day!!  WAITING for the weekend to start no matter WHAT day it was! --- ---> SWEET FREEDOM for two whole days!!! 😜

Gah!!! That's no way to live!! On top of that I was tired, felt unfulfilled and if I were to have been a mommy then, I'm SURE I would've been so sad that I wasn't able to be home with my baby more..... and paying daycare on top of it OR sacrificing family time because my hubby would then work nights to be able to care for her during the day. 

FAST FORWARD to a few years later, me making a CHOICE to CHANGE my life because I ALWAYS knew that there had to be more in store for me and for our lives! ALWAYS! I have always been a "BIG DREAMER" and although many have made fun of me for that -- I really believe that by YOU believing BIG and BEING THE CHANGE -- you will create even more in your life that is SO FULFILLING!!! 

I am SO grateful that I took the chance because.......

Today....we are snuggling on the couch, I'm still sipping my coffee & checking messages ((in my pjs)) while writing this blog post - but time FLIES all day....I'm a full-time mommy, business builder and HAPPY girl because I chose to make a CHANGE!! I took a chance, I followed a passion and its created an INCREDIBLE LIFE for us!!! 

Last month I MADE OVER $6k in income -- in one month! It ONLY continues to GROW and that is because of the work that I put into my business and how I help my team to grow businesses for themselves!! I am not one to talk about money, but money talks! This is a LEGIT business, it is NOT a get rick quick scheme or a pyramid scheme (thats illegal) ---- this is something that WILL pay you back and it is SO beyond rewarding to know how you can CHANGE people's LIVES -- but  you FIRST need to make the change! 

If you're unhappy :: CHANGE your situation!! Life's too short to be unhappy :: SO much more is out there for you y'all!!  

If you are interested in becoming a coach on the Shine Bright Dynasty, please apply below and I will be in touch!