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Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Masters: HAMMER & CHISEL

AHHHHHH -- you guys IM SO EXCITED for this new program to launch Dec 1!! 
*****HAMMER & CHISEL***** 
Autumn Calabrese + Sagi of Body Beast = this amazing new program! 

This is my beautiful friend and fellow coach, mom of FOUR beautiful boys, and former Mrs. Virginia!! CHECK OUT THOSE RESULTS!! Im dying!! Give me the MUSCLES!! haha

She was a test group participant for Hammer & Chisel and had killer results with this program and using the Performance Line!!! I CANNOT WAIT to try this!! LADIES WE NEED TO LIFT -- it does NOT make you bulky --- case in point! haha Lifting weights reshapes your body and makes you YONGER inside and out!!! Yes - please!! 

Danette ONLY LOST 2.8 lbs but reshaped her body!! I mean -- did you see her ABS?? So the scale only gives you so much "data" -- and thats all it is - is DATA! The scale doesn't give you the full story and it shouldn't be your ONLY way of measuring your progress!!

How much STRONGER are you getting?
How much BETTER are your clothes feeling?
How many INCHES have you LOST? 

I will be hosting a Fitness Accountability Group in December for the launch of thi new program!!  If you are interested in joining for extra motivation, accountability, help with food prep and planning -- fill out the form below & I will be in touch!