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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Welllll the time is upon us!!!

THIS WEEK is the annual BEACHBODY SUMMIT!! THEE place to be for anyone who is a Beachbody coach!! It is where we can all actually SEE one another, in person, and be even MORE inspired to create more dreams and help more people live their greatness!!!

This year it is in Nashville, TN and I am excited to go! I have never been and LOVE seeing new places. I doubt I will be seeing much of the town because of all of the events, parties, shows and fun get-togethers I will be having!!

I opened my email and was SO surprised to find an email telling me that I will be walking across the BIG stage -- in front of 30,000 of my "closest friends" haha to be recognized for what I have achieved in my business this year!

Last year when I went, I was just starting really! I had NO CLUE what this was all about but LOVED what I had learned in just a few short months. I thought to myself -- HOW COOL would it be to be RECOGNIZED on stage?!?! How awesome! AND NOW -- it's happening! I KNOW that more recognition and more positive things will come my way and that this is only the beginning!

You really CAN live a life....feeling healthy, being a wife and stay-at-home-mommy, building a business that will offer generations to come wealth, opportunity and preparation! I am SERIOUSLY working this business in between diaper changes, potty training (going strong!), making lunches, trips to the playground, dance classes, and play dates!! I often feel like I'm skirting by and just doing what I have to do to move forward but it's WORKING!!!!

Things need to get more serious -- -like I need a SITTER!! haha......I am so DRIVEN to PUSH my business FORWARD and grow!! I LOVE everything about this and am obsessed with becoming better at it! THAT is the BEAUTY of this business!! You STRIVE to become better -- a better MOM, a better WIFE, friend, person AND coach!!! This business has taught me SO, SO much about how to become a better ME!! What other JOB forces you to become a better -- YOU??

In just ONE year -- SO much has changed!! I AM HAPPY!! I strive to be better, I want to do more and I just wish that I had more TIME -- mommies, you know what I mean!! Time -- there's never enough, but that's okay......I LOVE each day, live it to the best that I know how and relish EVERY moment that I have with my daughter -- you don't get those moments back. I am just happy that I can do all of this WITH my side!! I hope she's proud of me one day!

If you ever have questions or want to learn more about what this "coaching thing" is all about....fill out this form and I will respond -- and we can chat! WHY NOT YOU?!