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Friday, May 1, 2015

Fitness Career Freedeom! know what I mean........the new outfit, the new shoes or the new bag! If I had $$ - it was burning a hole in my pocket!! I was **never** one who was diligent with my money. I would spend the last penny and then cringe when I wanted to buy something else........& was waiting for the cashier to tell me if my card was declined -- because I was too anxious to look at my bank account to see the balance!! 

WHOA -- not good!! I am proud to say that I am now more responsible!! haha...BUT I know that comes in part due to the fact that I am making my OWN income now to be able to contribute to our family! AND IT FEELS GOOD! 

After becoming a mommy, my goals shifted & even though I wanted a career, I also wanted to be home with my baby. My hubby was and always has been extremely supportive but yes, he would have LOVED for me to be making a salary again...dont get me wrong!!  That's not to say that we didn't stress or have to go without certain things or know the feeling of how expensive babies really are -- & it was stressful! I wasn't making a ton of income to help and that was sort of a nagging feeling..........PLUS I do like to shop here and there and not wear clothes from 7 years ago! lol

It's SUCH A RELIEF knowing that we now are able to do things that are the "extras", we can save, go on vacations, pay off MY debt,  I can pay bills (who wants to do that??? lol) and have some extra spending money for mama! No more card being more anxious feeling when I think about my bank balance.....helping others has helped our family. I can NOT believe where this opportunity has led me!! Its really amazing what can happen when  you follow your instincts and crave more out of life! <3