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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Body Beast for Women --- UPDATE!

I am LOVING the results I am getting from Body Beast!! I am half-way through week 5 and have definitely seen more tone, muscle definition and feel SO much stronger! I am also EATING like I never have before and am still hungry every 2-3 hours!! Hellooooo metabolism!! hehe.......

I actually SEE my tricep now!! I can remember going to the gym...hitting up the tricep extention machine and doing "3 sets of 12...." and seeing no results! ..........and getting frustrated! At the time, I had zero clue about just how important diet IS to your results as well as HOW to build a muscle. You need to EAT to BUILD muscle and then to BURN fat!

Body Beast combines progressive sets, drop sets, and a bunch of other muscle-building terms that I wasn't familiar with!! For years I would just go to the gym, use the weight machines, do mostly cardio and then see no results really! My results would be short-term because I wasn't building enough muscle to really CHANGE the look, shape and feel of my body. PLUS, my diet was was mostly "healthy", but that was a bunch of "diet" foods, "zero-calorie" foods and JUNK that my body had no idea how to metabolize and therefore, I had small results. I LOVE these Beachbody programs because it's like getting a "gift of a better YOU" in the mail --in ONE box! Every program comes WITH a comprehensive nutrition plan as well as the fitness program.

I am following the 21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition plan. I am eating 1800 calories/day! I love to eat and have my Shakeology (sometimes 2) every day!! haha!! I have NEVER eaten this much food in my life. It is all nutrient-dense, healthy and clean. Nothing processed, nothing artificial. Body Beast does come with it's own nutrition plan, BUT I have become accustomed to the 21 Day Fix eating plan for so long now. It is SO easy and I feel my best when eating that way. I am lucky enough to have other Beachbody Coach friends who are professional bikini competitors/nutritionist and she has guided me also.

I am following the Lean Beast schedule. This included one cardio day -- and I need more! I am almost craving it. So, I started to do at least 3 cardio "sessions" per week. Nothing major....I love TurboFire HIITS, the 21 Day Fix Extreme cardio options or Insanity. I LOVE having a variety because I get BORED - real quick! I am already feeling better -- I think I need that endorphin high and a good SWEAT!! Plus, it will help me to lean out more.

DRUMROLL PAAAA-LEASE.....................

Week 5 RESULTS.......

Okay, so I did my measurements and weight. I lost 1.4 lbs BUT gained (tiny) inches everywhere. Nothing major, just a 1/4" here and there. My waist got smaller, however. I am not concerned because all of my clothes fit the same pretty much. I feel like I am gaining a booty (haha) and some of my shorts fit differently. It is ONLY week 5 and I know that my body will definitely fluctuate throughout this program. What's weird is -- I am NOT freaking out because I gained some inches! I know that I am building muscle and that my body is responding. I also know that by adding in some cardio throughout  the week, my body will fluctuate even more.

I am excited to see how the next 5-7 weeks go, being that it is a 12 week program!! I know that it takes TIME to change....after all, I AM building muscle and that doesn't happen over night. It will take MORE than just 12 weeks of a program too. It is a LIFESTYLE of healthy eating habits and the proper exercise routines to get me where I want to be!

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