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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beachbody Coaching - 5 Tips for Success

My decision last year to become a Beachbody Coach has completely, completely, CHANGED my life! I went from a new mom who was lost & stuck being a substitute teacher (nevermind I already had an MBA and was so unhappy in corporate america). I was always finding myself in the SAME situation, broke after my own bills we paid and having to ask my hubby for money! that just wasn't me! I want freedom! 

 I read something today from Dani Johnson that was eye-opening....98% of people are either dead or broke by the time they're 65.

What? Isn't that when you're *supposed* to be living the dream life that you've always imagined?? Apparently not - only 2% of people are happy, wealthy, successful and able to live their life by their own design.Guess what the biggest difference was between the 98% & the 2%????
Those in the 2% THINK differently / more positively and believe in their dreams! MINDSET IS EVERYTHING! If you honestly believe that your dream reality can't possibly be a reality - it will never be! If you KNOW that your dreams CAN become a reality then that's the first step to being in the 2%..& to making your life designed by YOU!
Never did I think that I'd be 37..a stay at home mommy...& working at home in my sweats & designing my own life and my families freedom!! I did have dreams, drive and purpose when I first became a Beachbody coach & I saw the big picture/////LIVING LIFE BY MY DESIGN & that's what pushed me forward!
Mindset is EVERYTHING! Change your mind - change your life! If you think you will live a life that is absent of your dreams - you are WRONG!!! 

Now, fast-foward one year later & I know EXACTLY what I want in life, and have seen many of my dreams become my reality, I never have to worry about money, and BEST OF ALL... I get to help others make those same changes in their lives! BLESSED!


#1 RULE - Don't let anyone determine what you are capable of... because I know plenty of people who didn't believe in me, my dreams or in what I thought that I could accomplish... or in this whole "Beachbody thing"(many laughed at me, including my hubby!)... but the only belief I needed to be successful in this was MY OWN and all I needed was MY OWN DREAMS to work towards! BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF YOUR DREAMS! No one else needs to but YOU!


#2 RULE - Don't be on the hunt for MONEY! Yes, you really CAN make a LOT Of money as a Beachbody coach, in a short amount of time. BUT - you cannot come into coaching with THIS as your ONLY intention. This will get you! Instead, lead with your heart, share YOU, share YOUR successes and people will begin to develop an interest in YOU! YOU are your brand! BE YOU * BE TRUE * the rest WILL fall into place. 


# 3 RULE -DITCH THE COMFORT ZONE!!!  Nothing grows in comfort zones! CHANGE happens when you stretch yourself and grow, especially from failures! Yes - FAILURES! I've made a lot of them but that's how I know how to improve! Be willing to STRETCH yourself in order to move forward and to see change!  You HAVE TO be willing to do the little things you DON'T WANT to do in the short-term... to get to the BIG things you DO WANT to do in the long-term.


# 4 RULE - Add VALUE to people's life... Leave everyone better for having known you... HELP them in any way that you can , BE A BLESSING, spread good karma and VIBES into this world, share healthy tips and tricks to help and educate others on how to live a healthy lifestyle! PROVE that you are valuable and SHARE how you have developed a healthy lifestyle to HELP others around you. Give the BEST of YOU - no matter what you are doing!


 # 5 RULE - Work on YOU daily! Before you can help others, you need to help yourself! The most important asset in this business is YOU. You need to take time everyday to become the BEST YOU possible! You cannot make someone change, but you can INSPIRE them to seek their own light... by shining YOURS & becoming the BEST version of YOU!


Just as a candle can light another candle without losing any of its own light... You can give permission to others to SHINE without having to DIM your own light. So SHINE BRIGHT, unashamed by WHO YOU ARE and by who God created you to be... Because you never know HOW MANY others are waiting to be given the permission to SHINE BRIGHT and will be inspired to do so by YOU!  To apply to be a coach on my team, The Shine Bright Dynasty, please click on the "Apply Here" button and I will respond within 48 hours! SHINE BRIGHT!