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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Body Beast for Women! Here We Go!

OKAY....I'll admit it --- I have been a SLACKER!!

I don't know WHY....maybe it has something to do with the LONG upstate New York winters. They left me in a slump! I was DYING for hot, sunny weather to workout in! I was over winter and just needed a fresh start! PLUS being cooped up inside all winter with a toddler will drive anyone crazy!! haha!! The thing is - I KNOW how amazing working out makes me feel and it's totally ADDICTING!! I just needed something to get me going again. We left for a sunny vaca and that was all I needed!!Im back and READY to go again!!!

Before we left for vacation, I was feeling so "blah" and missed the feeling after a good, solid workout! I walked a LOT while we were away and I LOVE doing that! I just put my daughter in the stroller and GO! She loves it too!! Plus walking for a good 30-60 minutes has so many benefits! After a LOOOOOONG winter, it was wonderful to walk for an hour with my baby girl and I felt great the rest of the day!

SO -- back from vaca ( and back to a routine! I am WELCOMING the Countdown to Competition diet plan and Body Beast workouts. I REALLY want to gain lean muscle and lean out. I have TRIED BB in the past and was never adequately nourished. I wasn't eating enough to fuel my workouts and have since increased my calorie range to 1800! YES -- 1800! You do in fact, need to eat to fuel and build your body! I have been eating every 2-3 hours and trust me -- I am hungry at that 2 hour mark!

Its only day 6 and I can see and feel changes! This is my "before" -- and I am going to STAY focused, and go the 90 days! OMG -- did I just say that?? I may need to mix it up here and there -- which will be awesome with Beachbody's new On Demand feature. I can add in cardio from over 11 different programs, so that's good! I seriously have workout ADD and need to change it here and there -- but I have ALWAYS wanted to build lean muscle but was never EATING the right way! I finally feel like I am on the right track! Possible fitness bikini comp in the future...??? MAYBE?!?!? ;)