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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Is Beachbody Coaching for Me?

I signed up to be a discount coach in January of 2014. I had no hopes other than to make around $300/month to help with the family income and for ME to be able to pay my own bills (cell phone, credit card, student loans.....). If I would have known that just over a year later, I would be giving myself a 2272% RAISE since this time last year!! How CRAZY is that???

In just over ONE YEAR..........with a lot of heart, determination, fun, and ambition I am earning MORE than I would if I were a full-time teacher. I was able to pay off some credit cards, I am getting ahead on my student loans and am able to be home, full-time, with my toddler. THAT was the hardest thing once I had become a mommy -- to leave her everyday. My heart wanted to be home but my head wanted to be earning an income! I am SO lucky that I get to do that now AND I can be here for her each and every day.

I am also SO lucky to be working with AMAZING coaches every day and the feeling of HELPING others every day to lose weight, get fit, gain confidence and HAPPINESS ------ it's unequal to anything else! There is no other job that brings joy to people's lives, allows you to make your own schedule and to let you pick who you work with! DREAM JOB! haha

The icing on the cake??? ------------> Waking up to messages from people saying how happy they are, how they can fit into their shorts now or how they feel like they got their confidence and self-esteem back!! NOTHING BETTER!! This "job" is SO rewarding!!!

Beachbody coaching is NOT a scam, it is NOT a pyramid scheme or a get-rick quick opportunity. It IS a legitimate opportunity for you to build a life of FREEDOM and for you to be able to live by your terms!!

No more asking for time off, no more sitting and watching the clock until it reaches 5:00 pm, no more feelings of un-fulfillment, stress or NOT getting the recognition that you feel you deserve! Corporate America was NOT for me -- I was constantly unfulfilled and felt stress all. the. time! I loved teaching but I missed my daughter desperately and wanted to be the mommy that was coming to school everyday to pick her up! ;) This was a PERFECT opportunity for me to build a solid business, stay in shape and HELP others do the SAME! I can make my own schedule and I know that I have UNCAPPED earning potential! :)

YOU get to select your own path to coaching! You do NOT have to be a full-time coach. You can easily become a hobby coach and earn an extra couple hundred $$ per month. OR you can sign up to be able to take advantage of receiving 25% off of all of the products and programs too!! It is REALLY up to you -- and as YOUR coach, I match your pace. If you want to take it to the TOP (like me! hehe) I am right there with you!! If  you want this as a hobby - I am there with you too! You are the master of your own ship! 

If you think that Beachbody coaching is for you or if you have questions........complete the form below and I will respond to you within 24-48 hours. I only wish I would have started SOONER!!