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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The 21 Day Fix EXTREME Week 1 Review!

I started the 21 Day Fix Extreme last Friday (my blog has been "under construction" since then and its finally back!) --- I am officially one week in and will be updating my stats tomorrow. I am not really expecting to lose weight -- just hoping for a few inches and to feel more "shredded" ;) I want my abs to be poppin'!! haha -- and I KNOW Autumn Calabrese can do JUST that for me!!

These workouts are seriously -- amazing!! It feels so good to WANT to jump out of bed each morning at 5 am to get my coffee, go downstairs and get my workout done. It is something new and different and I love a new program!! I ALSO love that this program is only 21 days!! I can so anything for 3 weeks. NO alcohol, no "treats", no chocolate -- no nothin'! I CAN have my Shakeology though, which is something I look forward to each day. It crushes sweet tooth cravings, keeps me FULL for 2-3 hours and I know I am getting a super dense MEAL that is also incredibly healthy. NO GMO's, NO pesticides, NO artificial sweeteners (ick), NOTHING fake, chemically formulated or bad for my health!! I LOVE that!! hehe.....

So -- DAY 1 was full of grocery shopping & meal prep and planning so that I was **prepared** for the week ahead. I am  SO glad that I was ready, because I know that I need to STAY ahead of hunger.

 Staying AHEAD of hunger is important because I am following Autumn's Countdown to Competition Plan. This is different from the regular 21 Day Fix plan that I am used to following. It alternates "high" & low carb days. So -- on those lower carb days, I KNOW I will need to be planned and prepped and have my food ready or else I will experience an energy crash and become ravenous! ........and that is never fun!

For the week I cooked ground turkey with onions, hard-boiled eggs, baked chicken and pork.  I baked spaghetti squash and acorn squash, I had beets prepared as well as cucumbers, peppers, grape tomatoes and peas! HA! I was ready!

Each day I got up and completed the workout for that day, first thing in the morning! Each day it is a different workout and I LOVE that! I need a change and a challenge everyday!! TONS of squats, lunges and Autumn incorporates weights in every workout except for Yoga Extreme (....I love yoga!!). I want to increase my weights and push myself even more these next two weeks -- TWO weeks, that's ALL!! I can do this!! My 37th birthday is March 2 and I want to feel AMAZING and proud of what I have accomplished!!!

Stay tuned as I continue my journey with the 21 Day Fix Extreme! If you would like to be a part of my next Fitness Challenge and try this program (or another) out for yourself & receive help every step of the way -  click below to complete the application & I will get back to you within 24-48 hours! ;)