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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

May Cause Miracles - Gabrielle Beirnstein

My team and I have developed a lil "Book Club" of sorts and we are reading Gabrielle Beirnstein's, May Cause Miracles. I am loving this book!!! I am so drawn to her and to her work. Her YouTube channel is on in m house at least once a day & I LOVE her website! I am a very spiritual person, I have always believed in higher powers, in higher beings and in the power that we ALL have in creating our own destiny, our own happiness and our own miracles!


This book is divided into daily meditations. They are short and sweet but pack a punch!! They are SO powerful -- IF you do the work! Today focused on having an attitude of gratitude. I think that this (miracle) mindset is SO important to have IF you want to see and feel change in your world.

There is so much to be thankful for if you just take the time to see it. Yes - there are probably MANY things in your life that aren't going right. If you choose to focus your lens on those things, that's all you're going to see, and you will be inviting more of that in.

It's easy to focus on the negative. FORCE yourself to look at what you DO have, and what your life has been blessed with. There is SO much! I had to focus on this after earning my **second** master's degree! Not only did I have student loan debt but I am was not working ((outside of the home)) in a corporate job or in the field of education. I have an MBA as well as a MS in Elem. Edu! Yup -- two degrees & all of the loans to match!

After I had my daughter, I was job searching and nothing was working out for me that made enough sense for me to go back to work, while having a new baby at home. There were opportunities that looked absolutely *perfect* and I had had connections at certain organizations, it looked like a "shoe-in" for a job. I thought that I would get a job FOR SURE!! All of the stars were aligning and it seemed PERFECT! I had thoughts - "Finally, this is all going to work out for me!".



Guess what -- it didn't happen! I then had a choice -- do I become bitter, upset, regretful that I have these two degrees under my belt and no job?? NOPE! If I had -- my life would be miserable!!! INSTEAD - I KNEW, in my heart, that I don't make the plans, GOD does! HE has something else in store for me. At the time -- I had no clue what that was -- but I trusted, I had faith and I KNEW that I would be okay because I put my faith in God and I was grateful for what I did have.

gabby b



Needless to say, that is when this opportunity for Beachbody coaching entered my world. I thought that it was a TOTAL scam and that I would never make anything out of it, and that those people who did it were weird! haha!! My hubby literally laughed in my face when I told him about it!!

All I know is -- I am on track to make MORE INCOME next year than I would as a teacher, I am the HAPPIEST that I have ever been in a "JOB", I have freedom to choose when and where I work and I GET TO SPEND EVERYDAY WITH MY BABAAAYYY!!! I mean -- is this real life??

I truly believe if you have an "attitude of gratitude" and TRUST that there is a higher power in control -- not you -- than GOOD, GOOD things will come your way!! Pass the test people!! It's worth it!!! God will test your faith. He wants to know, that in those times, when things are NOT going "your way" that you STILL believe in Him and TRUST that HE KNOWS what is best for your life. Do you think that your Heavenly Father would wish negative things to occur in your life? Would you want that for YOUR child? NO! You are a child of God and He wants NOTHING but the best for YOU!


Stretch your FAITH and KNOW that even though things may not be happening the way that YOU want them to be happening --- there is a GREATER PLAN for you. It is THERE waiting for you to see it -- you just need focus your lens on the GOOD! XO


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