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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Believing In the Power of Your Dreams

As I sit here in sunny Florida, feeling the sun, smelling the fresh air and hearing the chatter of 30+ girls discuss their dreams! I am floored at how much my life has changed within the past year.

A year ago, I was a substitute teacher, loving the work, but not able to find solid employment. I also wasn't happy having to leave my baby girl while I worked all day. I knew I had to go and that I had to use my education! After all...why else did I go to college and earn not one, but TWO masters degrees?! My heart was at home, my dreams were BIGGER and I KNEW that I wanted MORE out of my life......I just didn't know HOW I was going to achieve that.

I was always a " believer " or a hubby always calls me a dreamer! I knew that life has more to offer than just a cubicle, a mortgage payment and two days out of the week to yourself. I knew that other people in this world had different lives. Lives that are happy, fulfilling and full of joy! I just needed to find mine.


Fitness and healthy living was always a passion of mine! About a year ago, I was researching new at-home fitness workouts and stumbled upon Beachbody. I found my coach through this search and was SUPER skeptical about what it was that she does. I continued to research and find out more because it looked like a lifestyle that I would love. It also looked like it could pay my bills! Haha! I signed up and paid the $39.95 fee and thought that you only miss the chances you aren't bold enough to take. I waited a month to actually do anything with the business....still a bit skeptical...but once I felt a little more certain of it all, I was ALL IN and I haven't looked back yet.


These past 9 months have been LIFE CHANGING. This business isn't about selling shakes and workout DVDs, like so many believe it to be. It's about letting go of what holds you back, reaffirming that you are made for so much more than the status-quo. There is a "norm" that is placed upon us by society. You are almost expected to live a certain way, and to do certain things and be "okay" with not being in love with your life. I disagree! Life is meant to be lived! If I had never followed my passion for fitness, I would never have found this opportunity that has changed my life and will continue to do so.

What is your passion? Find what speaks to you. What gives you butterflies to think about? What do you love to do that you could get lost in for hours? Find it! Follow it and discover a way to make it your living. It is your purpose and why you are on this earth. Search until you KNOW that you've found it. You will discover how much better your world can become and you deserve to know how that truly feels.

If you think coaching may be something that you're interested in, leave a never could just change your life! :)