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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Clean Eating Snack Ideas

GREAT NEWS ---- you started a clean eating plan!! You may have noticed clearer skin, rejuvenated energy, better sleep and your clothes fitting looser. Anyone who is on a clean eating plan and wants to stay on track NEEDS to have a well-orchestrated and thought out meal plan in order to be fully armed for success. You don't want to be starving mid-afternoon and then reach for anything that looks good. You want to have foods readily available to you that are nutritious, filling and good for you! Mindless snacking leads to calorie overload and sabotage.With any clean eating plan, you should aim to eat small meals, about 200-300 calories, every 2-3 hours. Because you are eating more frequently, you don't want to overindulge at each meal. Try keeping them smaller and vary your protein and complex carb at each meal and snack. This not only keeps you satisfied longer, it will keep you from crashing and then feeling tired or leaving you craving something not-so-good for you! ;)

Clean Snack Idea

Here are a few of my favorite clean and healthy snacks to help keep you on track -- all within 200-300 calories:

*Banana with one tbsp of All-Natural PB

*Cottage Cheese with Berries

*Celery with All-Natural PB

*Hummus and Sugar Snap Peas

*Handful of Almonds and Carrots

*Greek Yogurt with drizzle of Honey and Berries

*Trail Mix

*Quest Bar

*Sliced Turkey Breast and Hummus

*Sliced Chicken Breast and Peppers

*Grape Tomatoes with Dijon Mustard and Cashews


*Nut Butter and Dates

*Hard boiled egg whites (5) and Grape Tomatoes

*String Cheese and Apple

*Fruit and Pistachios


I hope that you were able to find some healthy and satisfying snacks from this list. There are many more, these are just a few! The possibilities are endless! Enjoy your snacking! ;)