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Monday, August 25, 2014

Ask, Believe, Receive

I've always been one who believed in a higher power and in things unseen. My faith has always been strong and I have always had a relationship with God. Recently however, this has become much stronger and through personal development, I have felt so much closer to Him.

One of the facets of Beachbody coaching, is personal development, as I mentioned. This "requirement" of sorts becomes addicting as you begin to learn about yourself and grow into a stronger person each day. I look forward to reading and learning and my quiet reading time that used to be filled with novels and historical fiction, is now streamed with books on personal growth and leadership!

One area I choose to grow in is within my spirituality. As I read more about God and how much he wants us to believe in him, and to have faith in him and within ourselves, I feel more calm and at ease with my life. My anxiety levels have been reduced, my happiness has been increased and when I used to crave all-things "un-nurturing", I now crave God!


What's even the fact that what I've been praying for to happen in my life.....IS HAPPENING! God is answering prayers and allowing things to occur in my life that I prayed on. Ask...believe....receive!!


God is so good! I fully believe that if you stay in faith, release your fears, develop a relationship with God and do your best, each and everyday....even when things aren't going your "way"; God will bestow blessings onto your life that you didn't think were possible! He loves you and wants nothing but the best for you! Ask.....believe......receive! The best is yet to come!!