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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Shine Bright Dynasty

shine bright dynasty

As my team continues to grow and to get bigger and bigger....I needed to decide on a name that will unite us all and one that reflects my feelings and thoughts on my career as a Beachbody coach. MY coach (who was the #1 coach in all of Beackbody for 2013, Lindsay Matway) named her team, The Bombshell Dynasty. So, I wanted to keep the "dynasty" in the name and also because it insinuates a "family"....and this is EXACTLY what I consider my coaches and team --- a family! I also feel that, being a coach allows me to help & inspire others to be their best, feel their best & to be able to live their BEST lives! Everyone has an inner light that can easily be dulled by negative people, negative occurrences or by a negative attitude. You need to let your inner light shine and to give the world that special something that only YOU can! I know, it's corny -- but it's TRUE! Have you ever felt like you aren't doing what it is that you are meant to? Have you ever felt UNfulfilled in a job? I HAVE!! It made me miserable, it made me depressed and I was lacking any type of fulfillment. I was helping to create someone ELSES dream - not my own! With Beachbody coaching, I am living MY dream and creating a life for myself and for my family! This is a job that you can do anywhere and at any time. It is a job that WILL reward you based on how hard you work. There are no alarm clocks, no 8:00 a.m. Monday morning meetings, no boss who can make you stressed out and feel unappreciated. YOU are your OWN boss -- you design your own life -- YOU design your own fortune and future!! WHAT could be better??


If you want to be a part of my growing team,The Shine Bright Dynasty, please fill out the application below! :) SHINE BRIGHT!

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