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Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July Healthy Recipes and Tips

Happy Fourth!! Today is a day to celebrate our nation's birth, it is a time to be with family and friends and to be able to enjoy our beautiful summer weather! It is NOT a time to dive into a cookie or dessert table or to drink away your daily caloric intake in alcohol and sweets...IF you are committed to a weight loss and fitness journey and wanting to  get results and to get healthier!  Just because it is a holiday, don't allow it derail your BIG goals and aspirations. Yes --you can certainly enjoy the delicious dessert your grandmother makes every year or the one fruity, sugary drink you have every year at the annual Fourth of July BBQ -- BUT do so in moderation. Change in yourself requires change from every corner of your life. Here are some tips to help you today and over the weekend and to help keep you on track!


1.Don't Go Starving

Before heading to the event, eat a healthy meal followed a healthy amount of water; and be sure to bring some water with you. If you go to the party completely starving and hungry, you will be more likely to devour anything and everything in sight  because you are hungry! Plan ahead....have a healthy salad with grilled chicken, Shakeology blended with fruit, a vegetable omelet with a side of fruit. Have something with protein and a carb to help keep your energy levels sustained and to keep you FULL for a few hours!

2. Drink Water

If you would like to enjoy a few cocktails, do so in moderation and alternate them with water. So for every cocktail, have one or two glasses (8 oz) of water to help flush it out. Alcohol can be oh-so enjoyable but it will retain water, possibly force you to eat things your normally wouldn't and also de-rail your weight loss goals. If you want a lower-calorie option, opt for soda water in a white wine or to mix with a vodka or gin and garnish with a fruit!

3. Stick with the Clean Foods

So here you are, at the party or BBQ and are faced with SO many choices for what you will eat for your meal. BBQ chicken, wings, greasy burgers, fries, potato or macaroni salads...ahhhh.......they're everywhere! If you are committed to a goal and want to stick with it today --- choose foods like:

*grilled chicken, turkey burgers, fish

*fruit salad

*side salad with oil & vinegar

*sliced veggies with hummus

*a handful of nuts

If you don't think that any of these foods will be present -- BRING THEM! That way you can stay accountable and still bring the hostess a dish to share.


Here are some ideas for you to bring with you to the BBQ so that you are "fully armed" and able to stay on track and not feel guilty later for indulging tooo much!


Red White and Blue Salsa

Top your chicken or fish with this delicious salsa:

Dice up red onion, red peppers and add blueberries ---> Easy, fresh and delicious!



Fresh Fruit Dessert

Slice up bananas and strawberries

Arrange them in rows to resemble the American Flag

Arrange the blueberries too!

**You can also make these into kabobs!

Serve with a side of fat-free cool whip!




Fourth of July Shakeology (yummmy!!)



Not Your Traditional Potato Salad

Dice up Butternut Squash & bake until golden & cool (you can find it already diced in the produce section of most grocery stores)

Add in any veggie you like:

Spinach (cooked)

Sliced peppers, onions

Mini-broccoli spears


Diced cucumber

Mix all together with olive oil OR greek yogurt and ENJOY!




ENJOY your holiday & most of all --- BE SAFE!!