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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beachbody Summit 2014 ROCKED!!!

Beachbody Summit 2014 was held in Las Vegas this year and what happens in Vegas.....LEAVES YOU:




Along with meeting new friends, experiencing amazing workouts, meet & greets with celebrity trainers, being able to grab the latest and greatest product launches FIRST HAND, attending training and workshops led by Beachbody's TOP coaches you are left feeling so happy, inspired and confident in your business!

What Vegas and Beachbody Summit leaves you without:

SLEEP! ;) ...........because you want to do it all!!


It was a WONDERFUL experience that left me wanting MORE! We were honored by listening to Darren Hardy speak. He is the author of The Compound Effect and the publisher of Success Magazine.

We also were honored to see and hear Diana Nyad speak. She is incredibly inspirational and her story leaves you feeling inspired and confident in ANY endeavor you wish to take on.

There were workshops led by TOP Beachbody coaches that allowed other coaches to learn new techniques, strategies, ideas and ways to develop your business and help others do the same.

There were parties held to honor those who have worked hard in the business and it allowed coaches from all over the country to *finally* be able to meet one another!



My coach, Lindsay Matway, the 2013 TOP COACH offered an event called SHINE. It was amazing to get to meet her and learn even more from her and from HER top coaches and friends. She is very successful at this and has paved the way for all of us!!


Lindsay is such an amazing inspiration! Over the past 4 years she has built a successful, six-seven figure income business that is ALL HER OWN!! ......and she's only 29! It IS possible for you to do the same! This "job" isn't a corporate cubicle, 9-5, sitting in traffic- kinda job! Throw the alarm clock OUT THE WINDOW!!! It is SO much more and has offered me SO much more than ANY corporate job ever could or has!! This is all you own, to do what YOU want. You can climb to the top or make it a hobby ---- it's all up to you and THAT is the beauty of it!! The people you work with WANT you to succeed, because they they succeed too. Would you find that anywhere else? Not really.......or at least, not in my experience. I have both my MBA and a M.S. in Elementary Education. NEVER had I had a job that has ENHANCED my life rather than take away from it! This is SUCH an amazing opportunity! I want to share it with the world!! :)

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