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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Party Survival Tips

This is the time of year where it may seem like every other weekend you have been invited to a BBQ, a graduation party, a bridal or baby shower, a wedding.....the list goes on! While all of these events are fun and celebratory, it can be a source of anxiety for some who are trying to stay on track with eating healthy and/or losing weight. That is why I wanted to outline some "survival tips" for you in order to help you stay on track.



Plan ahead before you leave for the event. For example, eat veggies with hummus, hard-boiled eggs, a handful of almonds and water or a greek yogurt with some fruit before getting to the event. That way, you aren't starving and then tempted to eat everything in site upon your arrival!



Stick with lean, grilled meats, fruits and veggies, and whole, "real" foods. For example, choose a grilled chicken over a hamburger or hot dog. Stick with the fruits and veggies instead of the chips or fried foods. Eat the foods that are "clean" and not processed and full of fake ingredients. Cakes and cookies are okay in moderation......just don't go overboard, have a few bites, and move on!



If the hostess is okay with guests bringing foods, bring one!!! Make it healthy and fresh! You can offer to bring one of your favorite clean and healthy dishes or bring something simple and delicious like:

--greek yogurt dip (greek yogurt with spices!) and sliced veggies

--fresh fruit kababs

--a healthy and clean quiche

---a case of sparkling water with fresh fruit, lemons or limes

---chicken or turkey burgers to grill

---large salad with fresh veggies and a low-cal dressing (dressings are often loaded with calories, sugar and fat)



Try your best to stick with water, non-calorie teas and coffees. Avoid sodas, creamy drinks and drinks loaded with fake or real sugar! Keep in mind that having alcohol can make you crave carby foods and make you hungrier than normal. If you must have a fun drink...keep it low-cal & in moderation:

--Mix white wine with seltzer

--Stick with light colored alcohol (vodka, gin)

--Non-alcoholic beers

--Follow with water!



I always try to keep almonds or nuts in my bag so that I can snack on my OWN food is there is nothing that will work for me at the event ;) Load up on water too! This will help you not only feel full, but keep you hydrated in the summer heat!



Moderation is key! Don't be overwhelmed!! Just stick with what you know, enjoy the occasion -- it's not about the food -- and don't stress about it! This is simply a "guide" to help YOU stay on track and to be informed as to how to leave any party/event satisfied and content!