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Friday, May 16, 2014

Eating Out Healthy Tips

Everyone loves dining out! It can be such a treat! You get waited on, you can relax and enjoy the company you're with, you have a variety of food to choose from --- and you don't have to cook and clean for yourself!! I totally GET IT!!!

While eating out is fun and exciting, it can also derail any weight-loss journey and/or new, healthy, clean-eating plan that you may be working so hard to remain loyal to. There ARE ways to still enjoy a meal away from the safety of your kitchen, and NOT sabotage your plans of staying healthy.

Here are a few simple tips that may help you the next time you decide to dine out:

*First of all -- look at the restaurant's menu ahead of time, before heading out. Most restaurant's now-a-days, have their menus available to you on-line. Some of them even provide you with the calorie content of each meal. If they don't, that is okay too. Simply look to see what you think you may like, and either google the average calorie content and several pages will pop up for you to learn about calories in foods that you, yourself won't prepare. Also, a great app for your phone is MyFitnessPal. This is wonderful to download on your smartphone for you to have accessible information and be "in-the-know" as far as calorie counts at all times!

*Stay away from anything fried, breaded, sauteed, creamy, or even blackened. There are extra calories and fat that are not that nutritious for you and won't help you to stick with the clean-eating plan or to your weight loss journey.

*STICK WITH foods that are baked, grilled, broiled, or steamed.

*Ask for your dressing on the side. If you must go with a heavier salad dressing, just dip your fork in the dressing first, then into your salad. You will save fat, sugars and calories that way. If you are really focused and serious about losing weight & staying healthy --- use oil and vinegar (a splash or two of oil), or even just lemon on your salad.

*Split a meal with a friend, that way you are only eating half of the HUGE portion that most restaurants serve today.

*Eat half and box the rest! Ask for a to-go box as soon as  you get your food, and pack up half! That way it's outta sight and outta mind! You will be less likely to be tempted to"pick" at what remains even when you are full!

*Don't drink your calories! Stay away from daiquiris, creamy drinks, and alcohol. Instead, have club soda with lemon, lime or an orange. Enjoy a tea or coffee or even a hot water with lemon.

*Order a side salad or steamed veggies instead of fries

*Select a meal that has lean meats and veggies as their main contents

*Watch the condiments. Mustard, vinegars, seasonings and hot sauces are generally calorie-free and follow along with a clean-eating plan!

*Skip the dessert or get a bite-sized version :)

ENJOY yourself -- this doesn't have to be a depressing is a NEW way of thinking about food that will not only help you to feel better and give you new energy - it will help to ensure that you will be a long-term success and that you will be able to ROCK any outfit that you choose!


Please feel free to comment below or send me an email if you have any questions!



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