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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The 21 Day Fix -- The Food!

Now, how delicious is a juicy, fuji apple with some peanut butter? This is a perfect pre-workout snack to keep you full and full of energy for your workout and is "allowed" on The 21 Day Fix program! Pre-21 Fix days would consist of me yes, having the apple --- but I would dip it into the peanut butter jar before each bite! Sound familiar? The Fix "diet" allows you to have 2 purple containers of fruit/day, depending on your specific caloric needs.  This was definitely an adjustment for me because I would snack on fruit all day long! Fruit is wonderful for you; however, it does contain a lot of sugar & best to eat in moderation.This plan focuses more on veggies, proteins, healthy fats, and carbs. Wine and sweets ---> yes wine and sweets are included in the Fix, in moderation of course! A perfect snack idea would be hummus and sliced yellow peppers, a cucumber with almonds, etc. These will keep you fuller, longer. My caloric need is between 1200-1499 with this plan. This may differ for you, because it is based on current height and weight.

I have yet to begin the workouts, and will start next Monday. From what I have been seeing/hearing from my Challengers, they are feeling great, energized, strong and are not starving! This, I believe, is a fear of many. You will not starve on this plan! It is designed for you to learn how to eat in order for your body to be fueled correctly & efficiently.

Stay tuned for more details of The Fix & what it's all about!!