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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Power of Our Words

Someone once told me that your words are like toothpaste coming out of a tube, once they come out - it's really hard to put them back in. :) We need to be careful and purposeful when we speak to others, and more importantly, to ourselves. It's really easy to look at ourselves everyday and see our flaws, highlight on the things that we don't like and use negative self-talk. We should be our most loyal best friend, our own biggest fan and our biggest cheering section. Ask yourself, the next time a negative thought comes into your head about your own self, would you say these things to your daughter or son, to your best friend or to your spouse? Hopefully, the answer is "no". If so, then why say those things to yourself? Why defeat yourself before even getting out of the gate? What you should be saying is how beautiful you are, inside and out; how you love your hair and how lucky you are to be exactly where you are - you are blessed! You will be amazed at how thinking and reciting positive thoughts about yourself, can impact your day and your life. You will begin to draw upon more positive things and attract more positivity as you fill your mind with positive thoughts, rather than negative. Your words have SO much power - why not use them for good?  Give it a try, for one day - and see just how good you feel, how many blessings come your way and how the negative thoughts eventually won't take root anymore! What we focus on expands, so don't focus on your thighs! HA! No, seriously, focus on the good in you and you will begin reap many rewards!